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Have you purchased your 2020 Season Pass? For only $120 (Save $20) you can attend all four Yea Arts Inc shows this year! Available from the Yea Bendigo Bank. Limited tickets available. Single show tickets $35.

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Tickets available from Yea & District Community Bank and Online –

Single show tickets $35.

To purchase tickets head to the Yea Bendigo Bank

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Mental As Everything

Yea Town Hall – Friday 20th March 2020

When the Rotary Club of Yea, Yea & District Memorial Hospital and the Murrindindi Medical
Centre partner up to support Yea Arts Inc present Mental as Everything, a light-hearted and
engaging look at the serious issue of Mental Health in our community something’s up, and it is!
Mental illness is very common in Australia. Readers may/may not be aware but the Australian
Bureau of Statistics (2009) revealed that:

 One in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year.
 The most common mental illnesses are depressive, anxiety and substance use disorder.
These three mental illnesses often occur in combination.
 Every day, at least six Australians die from suicide and a further thirty people will attempt to
take their own life
 Almost half (45%) of Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

Increasingly aware of this issue and having a mission to ‘Bring the Arts to Yea’, Yea Arts Inc has
teamed up with our community’s own Rotary Club and major local health service providers to bring
the talents of Damon Smith and Adam Coad to Yea to present the show, Mental as Everything.
Mental As Everything is an original cabaret show by Melbourne-based writer, musician and regarding his dealings with these two, widely-misguided disorders. As a singer-songwriter, Damon
has created a show that blends comedy and music alongside an honest and thought-provoking,
researched narrative. In this two-man cabaret show, Damon and his musical cohort, Adam Coad,
will take the audience on a funny, but often awkward journey inside their own heads with hilarious
onstage buffoonery and songs pertaining to mental illness.

Bob Glenister, Yea Arts Chair said “Damon and Adam were part of ‘Sun Rising’ a show we
presented last year to rave reviews so we’re expecting another thoroughly entertaining show. This
time though, they present the show under the banner of ‘Under the Microscope’.
Sassy singer-songwriter Damon says, “Mental As Everything endeavours to breakdown the stigma
attached to mental health with onstage buffoonery and some very personal moments when it comes
to explaining these often-misunderstood disorders.”

performer, Damon Smith. His personal day-to-day experiences with a diagnosis of both obsessive-
compulsive disorder (OCD) and bipolar disorder have helped Damon develop a transparency

“Damon is absurdly hilarious, musically brilliant and refreshingly honest with his mission to create
awareness and speak his truth about living with OCD and bipolar disorder.
Each of us has, or is likely to have contact with someone struggling to live with or care for a person
with a mental illness be it depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-harm attempts, post-traumatic
stress syndrome, bipolar disorder, substance abuse – to list but a few.

As a volunteer committee we at Yea Arts are proud and thankful to Rotary, our medical centre and hospital for their support – we hope our community enjoy and gain many benefits from the show. Having gained generous financial support from the above partners we are in the process of writing to our locals schools, Sporting Clubs, CFA and RSL requesting them to inform their students, players and members that free tickets are available to the youth in our community. Our aim is to ensure that our youth especially they know that there are no barriers to their attendance at this event” Bob added.

Otherwise, General Admission tickets for the show at the Yea Shire Hall 7pm Friday 20 March
can be purchased on line or in person from the Yea
Community Bank Branch ($35 each) or by calling Barb on 0411 433 702.
Better still, why not support Yea Arts and grab a season ticket for just $120, Season-ticketholders
are rewarded with entry to all four shows throughout 2020 ….and an exclusive season-ticket
holders’ mid-year event.

Seats are limited – so book now and grab your tickets early!

A raw and honest cabaret performance that explores the multifaceted nature of mental illness. Creator and performer, Damon Smith, will take you on a journey of his deeply personal experience of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and bipolar disorder, backed up by his anxious musical cohort Adam Coad. In this two-man show, Damon and Adam, will invite you inside their own minds and take you on an often-awkward journey of hilarious onstage buffoonery and original songs pertaining to mental illness.

The Merger

Yea Town Hall – Saturday May 16th 2020

The dysfunctional Bodgy Creek Roosters Footy Club is in trouble and will either have to fold or merge with their arch rivals – the Hudson’s Flat Cougars. But prodigal son coach Troy Carrington has other ideas; to save the club he embarks on a programme to recruit refugees and unwittingly takes the community on a journey of change.

The Sunday Age. M Section. Melbourne comic Damian Callinan who has written and features in a movie opening during the Melb Film Fest this year called The Merger.Pic Simon Schluter 23 July 2018.

Magnolia Tree

Beaufort Manor – Friday Aug 21st

Three siblings have come together to choose a nursing home for their mother who has advanced Alzheimer’s but instead Jack, for unclear reasons, will attempt to talk his sisters into letting her go, tonight. At first his sisters will have none of it but Jack, a brilliant real estate salesman will be as persistent as the ocean wearing away at the twelve apostles.

Yea Arts Music Hall

Yea Town Hall – Saturday Nov 21st 2020

Whilst Yea Arts Inc has a mission to bring arts TO the local community from far and wide with diverse and talented professional producers, this year we are finishing off our great season with a bang by drawing FROM the local cornucopia of talent growing and established in our own backyard. Come experience theatre, music and song, rolled into an exciting and surprising Murrindindi mix of ‘WE’VE GOT TALENT!’

A big thanks to our sponsors

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