Yea Arts Season 2019 Shows

Have you purchased your 2019 Season Pass? For only $100 (Save $20) you can attend all four Yea Arts Inc shows this year! Available from the Yea Bendigo Bank. Limited tickets available. Single show tickets $30.

Scroll down to find out about our remaining 2019 performances!

Tickets available from Yea & District Community Bank and Online –

Single show tickets $30.

To purchase tickets head to the Yea Bendigo Bank or click here:

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Stardust & The Mission

Yea Town Hall – 13 September 2019

STARDUST: For 25 years, a locked wooden dresser sat in the family garage of ABC/BBC presenter, Joel Carnegie. The dresser was a once prized possession of his grandfather, Col Brain. Col was one of Victoria’s most well-regarded musicians, but his dresser hadn’t been opened since he died. So what was inside? Told through the eyes of his grandson, herein lies the discovery of a time capsule of Australian musical life, in a heart-warming (multi-award winning) quest to uncover what Col wanted us to know about his life by the things he left behind. 

THE MISSION: Alan McDonald, a “Fighting Gunditjmara” man from South-West Victoria, was one of the State’s first Indigenous soldiers to enlist for war. Alan fought at some of WWI’s most famous campaigns, including Gallipoli and Beersheba – only to be denied a soldier’s settlement on his return home, and forced from his land at the Lake Condah Mission. So what drives someone to fight for a country that doesn’t recognise them? How do you keep fighting in an unjust world and why? The Mission explores Alan’s story, as investigated by his descendant and fellow Gunditjmara man, Tom Molyneux, in collaboration with Gunditjmara community members. 

…. and then, Alyce Platt Funny Little World

Strath Creek – 29 November 2019

In a first, Yea Arts is proud to co-host with the Strath Creek community and present Alyce Platt Funny Little World for everyone’s enjoyment. Enjoy an intimate evening of storytelling, sophisticated and enchanting dream pop, retro sounds and jazzy vibes supported by a diverse collection of Melbourne’s elite musicians. 

Funny Little World is a patchwork of haunting melodies, frolicking beats and retro sounds. Alyce Platt’s sultry original songs reveal a fascination with 60’s European pop music, underpinned by a playful curiosity about the folly of life. In her own unique style, Platt has also reworked covers from some of her favourite artists. 

Alyce Platt was also a regular fixture in Australian households during her television career on Sale of the Century and Sons and Daughters. 

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